The Seljuk Han of Anatolia

Concentric Plan Type (CON) 

Hans with a concentric plan (CON)
Anatolian Seljuk hans include a group with a concentric plan. An evolved building type, this plan integrates the courtyard and the cells of the covered section. In this plan, the cell chambers of the covered section are laid out concentrically around an inner courtyard. The chambers were vaulted. There are four at the present stage of research. The most common characteristic of this plan is the physical separation between the animals and the travelers, with low walls, partition walls, rooms, iwans), which show that there was a very concerted desire to provide more comfort for travelers in comparison with the other hans of the Anatolian Seljuk era.

Alara Han, 1231


Esab-i Keyf Han, 1230-49

Mircinge Han, mid 13th


Sevserek Han











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