The Seljuk Han of Anatolia


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The han is located in the Cirgalan neighborhood of Kayseri on the Sivas Road. The majority of the walls of the han have collapsed, but the plan can still be distinguished.


The han is currently in ruins. The majority of the walls have collapsed, but the plan can still be distinguished. The walls are 0.90 m thick


The entry is from the north side and is fairly intact. There is a room measuring 6.5 x 6.5 m at the northwestern side of the entry, covered with pointed vaults.


The han has the covered plan, and measures 20 x 30m. There are two aisle with 5 rooms each, measuring approximately 7m wide. They are covered with pointed vaults. There is a central aisle.


There is no remaining decoration, but numerous stones bear mason's marks. Due to the fact that the use of mason marks in Kayseri buildings seems to have ceased by the 14th century, stylistic analysis of these mason marks have led scholars to attribute the construction of the han to the 13th century.




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I would like to than Mehmet Cayirdağ for his guided tour of this han in August, 2009. 


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